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Operations Research related links

Hiperbólikus Programozás (Linear-Fractional Programming)      

LinGo 3.0 HU by Barta Tamás (Hun)

Extensive Documentation and Help for LINGO (Original in English)

Several links for beginners

·         What is Optimization?

·         Optimization Guide

·         Nonlinear FAQ

·         Linear Programming FAQ


·     OR tutorials:


Flagships of the Operations Research software-tools industry:

GUROBI  - High-end libraries for math programming, a state-of-the-art simplex based linear programming (LP) and mixed-integer programming (MIP) solver.

·        IBM OSL  -  Optimization Solutions and Library

·        ILOG CPLEX - optimizing engine

·        LINDO System

·        Maximal Software - Optimization Modeling

·        Solver for MS Excel from Frontline Systems, Inc.

Other Operations Research related software libraries:

·        MATHPROG - Solvers for Linear Programming Problems

·        Mathematics WWW Virtual Library

·        NEOS Guide: Optimization Software

·        Linear Programming Packages

·        Theory Calendar - Optimization

·        Software-Bibliotheken

·        Dash optimizers

·        Network Resources for Operations Research by Michael A. Trick


Magyar Operációkutatási Társaság (MOT)

·      MOT on    vagy


IFORS - International Federation of Operational Research Societies