General User-friendly Linear and linear-Fractional

programming package for educational purposes

1.      WinGULF – is not an industrial solver!!!

1.      WinGULF – is a package developed especially for educational purpose: to assist students to understand principals of simplex method and branch-and-bound algorithm in linear (LP) and linear-fractional programming (LFP).
For example, if you have to solve manually an LP or LFP problem using simplex method, the package may be used to check correctness of your interim calculations as well as your final results. See more detailed information here.
In the case of
integer programming problems the package can assist you to generate appropriate search tree with detailed information on sub-problems, current bound, branching variables and appropriate branching constraints. See more detailed information here.

2.      In spite of statements in previous points 1. and 2. WinGULF has been successfully applied in numerous real-world applications and fundamental research

The package is a simple to use but powerful, menu driven linear-fractional programming (LFP) and linear programming (LP) package for Windows. Various versions of the program are capable of handling up to 1000 main constraints and 1000 nonnegative variables (up to 500 variables may be integer). Data can be entered in a spreadsheet styled editor within WinGULF or from an MPS text file.

The package uses (implements) the special extended version of primal simplex method developed by B.Martos[1] with various pivoting rules and branch-and-bound procedure (with various searching strategies and branching rules) for integer LP and LFP


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Last updated: 2008 November 01.

[1] Martos, B.: Hyperbolic programming. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Vol.11, 1964, pp. 135-155