Dyadic Harmonic Analysis Group


Dyadic Harmonic analysis is a wellknown area of the mathematics in Hungary. We are interested in approximation theory with respect to the Walsh system, its rearrangements (Walsh-Kaczmarz system) and its generalizations. Our research team  investigates Fourier series, Fejér means, dyadic derivate, dyadic integral, Sunuouchi operators, Marcinkiewicz means and logarithmic means on  bounded Vilenkin groups, on unbounded Vilenkin groups and on noncommutative groups (CTD). 
        The members of the group have some lectures on International Conference related to  approximation theory. 


          Members of the group:

      György Gát (research group leader 1995-2015):
In year 2015 Prof. Gát left University of Nyíregyháza

Toledo Rodolfo:

István Blahota: Károly Nagy: